7 Valentine’s Day Treats Your Kids Will Love

Valentine is around the corner, how will you be spending it? While you bond up with your partner and friends, do make sure to get your kids involved. Create special moments this season with your little ones in the yummiest of ways.


Below is a collection of mouthwatering and easy to prepare treats your kids will love:


1.Coconut Candy served in the fancy skip hop smart plate

Even if your child is a picky eater, he would not resist the coconut candy. As the name suggests, this delicious treat is made from freshly grated coconut. It is a chewy, crunchy delight that can be eaten as a dessert or snack at any time most especially during lunch.

Coconut Candy


If you want to boost your child’s appetite and prepare more child friendly meals, the coconut candy served in our fancy skip hop smart plate is all you need this season. 

Skip Hop Zoo Smart Serve Plate - Bowl Set - Owl | Babybliss

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Learn how to prepare this fun snack recipe here and thank me later


  1. Chinchin in a colourful Moobi suction bowl

You are definitely familiar with this crunchy dessert.It is made using wheat flour, butter, milk, eggs and flavours. Searching for snack recommendations to make for your kids? Look no further. If your child is much younger, you can make this less crunchy so as to aid with chewing and help her eat more. 

Beetroot Recipe Chin Chin | Crunchy Chin Chin Recipe - YouTube

The Moobi suction bowl helps to keep this snack in place for your little one without having to worry about making a mess on the floor as she chews away with glee! 

Click here to watch this easy snack recipe

  1. Banana Bread

This banana bread is every child’s favourite. It’s major ingredient and flavouring is the banana. Fresh out of the oven, it comes out moist and delicious. It can be eaten alone as a snack or alongside a healthy fruit drink or beverage.

The banana bread is a very healthy snack because it is rich  in essential vitamins and minerals which are responsible for wholesome nourishment.

Kids Recipe] Banana bread

Want to make meal time more interesting and fun? Try serving a delicious slice of this goodness in the zoo mealtime set . Your toddler will forever look forward to meal time!

Click here to watch this yummy recipe


  1. Golden doughnuts

Who loves some golden fingerlicking doughnuts? Everyone! Looking for dessert ideas for your little one? Try making some doughnuts, not just the pale looking type but have them golden with some chocolate coating. This has to be the ultimate snack starter pack for your child. You can include this in the colourful skip hop lunch bag for school.Trust me he will love every bit of it! 

Here’s an amazing recipe to get you started



Begin the day with fluffy pancakes and syrup topping. Pancakes are one quick and easy to make recipe for school. Whether it’s a school day or a weekend , a whip  of pancakes does it good. Satisfying, nourishing and delicious for your picky eater. You can make breakfast even more fun with the munchkin plate set. The set comes in very sparkling colours and is easy to handle by your toddler.

Healthy Homemade Pancakes to Fuel Your Kids Body (And Mind) - Miss Wish


This sumptuous snack is made from bread, mayonnaise, veggies and egg.It is very easy to make. You can either prepare it for breakfast or pack it up in the munchkin snack catcher for your child to snack on while at school.


All you need for a smoothie is fresh fruits, some water, yoghurt and blender. Did you know kids can have smoothies for breakfast? There are a lot of kid-friendly smoothies you can make for your little one. If your baby is above 12 months, you can begin adding smoothies to his diet but in little quantities. The insulated straw cup helps keep the smoothie in the perfect temperature until consumption.


Your little one needs nothing but love and more love this season and beyond. 

Happy parenting!


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