A Mother’s List of Essential Household Items

Hello dear Mummies. For those of you that have young kids, there are some essential things that must be in your home and that you must never run out of, for no reason. It is an “unforgivable offence”, and failing to stock up on these basics will create more headache for you and you will beat yourself mentally to no end.

So I know every mom is different and what my kids like may not work for your own kids, but this is my own list for my kids. Feel free to expand the list, remove from it, or even tweak it to your personal comfort.

Category A: I always have Paracetamol at home for my kids, just for those moments one is running a fever and you need to bring it down. After that I always have their multivitamins and Vitamin C syrup and chewable tablets in the house. I kent shout. When I had my 1st child I used to buy only foreign paracetamol and cough syrups, but now I buy trusted and tested brands only, if I have to buy made in Nigeria products. It is also important to have a first aid box, which should have plasters, cotton wool, and an antiseptic liquid for cleaning wounds, gauze and an ointment, throat lozenges and antacids.

Category B: I remember when I was younger and would go to my mum at night to ask for a new pencil or pen for school the next day. She was always like, “why are you just telling me?” or “Are you throwing it away every day or eating it as your snacks?” So I also have the following educational materials at home, and just keep restocking like the doomsday preppers: A4 Papers, cardboards (different colours), pens and pencils, erasers, ruler, scribbling jotters, glue (paper glue and craft glue – I have budding artists), coloured papers, scissors, staplers, a desktop/laptop for older kids, and a printer (if you can afford it, the black and white version will be more pocket friendly for you).


Category C: This is a list of edibles that are never exhausted in my home as I replace rapidly. These are what my kids love eating so expect the list to be different: bread and jam/butter, eggs, flour for making waffles or pancakes, Cereals, Indomie, juice, fruits (not because they like it but because I force them to eat it),  plantain (not for them but for me, as man must to survive).

Let me share a hint on how to remember what to buy, either you have a shopping list on the fridge or somewhere other members of the family can put down what they need, or as you remember anything use your phone and write it down on your notepad. Also teach your kids to let you know whenever they take the last bottle, can or bag of anything, if not you might miss out on replacing it, and when next they make a request for that item that is out, you can make it a lesson on ‘why you must tell Mum’.

There may be more categories than these three mentioned above, and depending on the ages of your child, for instance kids under 1 year need diapers and wipes, skincare products and so on, but older kids would have different needs even though less.

Like I said earlier, this list is not exhaustive and I am sure there are some other essential items you can come up with and that you think is a life saver for moms. Care to share?


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