Air hostess breastfeeds stranger’s crying baby after mum runs out of formula

Patrisha Organo, 24, an air hostess, was working on an early morning domestic flight in the Philippines when she heard a baby’s hysterical sobs.

She approached the mum, who had run out of formula milk, and kindly offered to breastfeed the infant herself in another part of the cabin.

Patrisha has a nine-month-old baby called Jade, so said she knew the mum’s troubles.

“When the mother told me that she had no formula milk for the child, and I knew that there was none on board, I knew I had to help.

 “I knew that I could offer my own milk, as I had been breastfeeding my young child myself, so offered up my services.

Patrisha said the mother of the child “thankful” for her help as she had been at the airport since the night before, which was why she ran out of formula milk for her baby.

She added: ‘I could only imagine the chaos of those feelings, but as a mother myself I knew the stress she would’ve been going through.

“The helplessness you feel when you cannot feed your hungry child is horrible, so I had to step in.

“As soon as I could help the baby and the mother I felt so happy – I cannot put into words how fulfilled I felt.”

“I breastfed a stranger’s baby in flight, and I am just so thankful for the gift of a mother’s milk at times of need.”

Culled from The Mirror UK.

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