Amazing Gift Ideas For New Parents

Amazing Gift Ideas For New Parents


Looking for gift ideas for new parents? The search is over. We’ve compiled a list of items you can gift family or friends with newborns that they will actually use


You do not want to go visiting empty handed, congratulate mama and papa with something they will love and cherish next time they see you

Thankfully, you do not need to break the bank for these items, they are affordable and budget friendly.


Look through our gift guide and find something worthwhile to gift this holiday season



This is actually the number one item every new mum needs. She will thank you for this! For newborns, you can give a size 1 because they will definitely be using this in the early stage. Meanwhile all sizes are welcome. Huggies and Molfix are one of the best brands in the market presently. You can shop for comfy diapers here and get them delivered to you in no sweat.

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers Size 1 (192 Pcs) | Babybliss



What do new mums need after birth? Here it is, baby wipes! After having a poo or a wee and most times just to keep the baby’s butt feeling fresh and supple, wipes come in handy. You can shop for the best baby friendly brands here.  


Baby items needed for the first year? Count the flask in! Thermo flasks help to keep liquids or meals warm for very long periods. You can check out some amazing brands here



Feeding time can be messy for mum and  baby but with bibs they are much better. You can get colourful comfy bibs at the babyblisshop. Shop an array of beautiful patterned bibs  here and have them delivered to you 

Gift a mum lactation cookies and she will love you for life. You can thank me later. After birth most mums struggle with breast milk production.Lactation cookies help to boost breast milk production for new mums while supplying them with healthy nutrients. 

There are quality brands in the market to look out for, among which are the milk booster, Breastfeeding NG cookies. To shop, kindly click here.

Baby oil is everything! . It helps to moisturise baby skin by locking in moisture on the face and all over the body. You can order for quality baby oil from the best brands here

Breast pads help to absorb milk that has leaked from the breasts and also prevent damp circles from forming around the nipples. You can find some quality brands here 

Bodysuits allow for easy navigation when a baby makes a mess or during nappy change. You can shop for adorable bodysuits here at very affordable prices and have them delivered to you 

5 Pack Short Sleeve Bodysuit Boy - Assorted Colour | Babybliss | Nationwide  Delivery


Make bath time fun with soothing baby wash. Baby wash helps to  keep the baby’s skin clean, smooth and supple. Try to avoid  perfumed baby wash for newborns till they are up to 6 weeks. You can find the best brands in the market here



They help to keep the baby warm by swaddling. Gift a shawl, Gift comfort! There are varieties of shawls here on the babyblissshop for you to shop


In this time where one has to sanitise every time of the day, Antiseptics are well sought after. Help a family prevent the spread of germs with a disinfectant, the reason being that newborns are very fragile with an underdeveloped immune system. You can find the best brands here


Similar to a body suit but designed for sleep, gift a set of sleep suits to new parents and brighten up their day. There are a variety of sizes, designs and textures at our shop. You can make your choice here


Apart from bath time, washcloths can be used for cleanups during meal time and nappy change. You can shop for quality washcloths here

Cribmates Hooded Towel and Washcloth | Babybliss

How thoughtful will it be to give a bath set? Beyond words can imagine! Check out some amazing designs and sizes here


Find stylish and durable diaper bags here. Diaper bags are multi purpose depending on the size. They help put all mommy and baby stuff in one safe place. Whether outdoors or indoors both mum and baby are covered!


I hope this gift guide helps you find the best and necessary items for new parents, but most importantly put a smile on their faces when you go visiting.  

Still looking for other mummy and baby products you can find them here on the Babybliss shop. Shop smart and convenient!


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