Breastfeeding tales for New Moms (Part 3)

As we wrap up this session on breast feeding for first time moms, I would want to take a look at some equipment that can help us and how they do that while breast feeding out little munchkins.

Another thing you must invest in is good nursing support equipment. You can use a breastfeeding pillow or regular pillows if saving cost is important to you. Why a pillow? When your baby is born, they are kind of small, and your chest is way up there, so by reflex, most people bend to feed their babies which is serious back pains you are loading for yourself. So when you use a pillow, you bring the baby up to your chest level and they can nurse without you needing a chiropractor afterwards. Sit in a good chair with good support for your back. On the bed, prop your back up with pillows and do not start feeding until you are in a comfortable position, after all you will be there for a while.

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Another equipment you need is a good nursing bra. Please do not use just regular ones as they might become deformed in shape after all the tugging down or up in order to nurse. A good nursing bra supports your new bust weight, which increased while pregnant, and also helps you nurse discreetly due to its structure. It is also wise to use some nursing pads which help to trap leaky breasts. If you are feeding right and well hydrated, there are moments your breasts just trigger themselves and you can feel them leaking for no reason, or sometimes while feeding your child on one breast the other starts leaking too. This nursing pads come in handy especially for moms who resume work while nursing. Trust me you do not want to go for a business meeting or a client meeting with 2 leaky patches on your blouse. LOL. If cost is an issue you can buy the reusable nursing pads that only need washing or buy the disposable sets, and you can check here for some.

Also when feeding our kids even straight from the breast or a bottle, sometimes accidents do happen. So if you are leaving the home, never venture out without your baby bag which should contain at least diapers, wipes and a change of clothes for the baby as well as your nursing cover. The accidents could be from the mouth or the bum, so be prepared for any eventuality. I was at an airport once with my 2 month old baby and the poo that emerged from him was of enormous proportions, that I could not even save the clothes. Everything came off and I had to bath the baby in the sink at the airport. Better to be over prepared than caught unawares.

Please may I also on behalf of humanity beg you as a new mother to also have outfits that help you feed discreetly too? Some of us wear our fitted dresses and you are in public and your baby is yelling for a feed. So you carry your screaming toddler, squeeze and bring out your breast from the top of your dress that you have had to ask someone to unzip half way down, and to cap it all you bring out a ridiculously small square handkerchief to cover your exposed breast! Hiaann!! My sister please get a nursing cover or nursing scarf which covers you and your baby while all that action is going on. I am not ashamed of breastfeeding my kids neither am I shaming any woman who breastfeeds in public, but kids feed in public with a mind of their own. There is a way your child will be screaming when hungry and cranky and you can almost strip yourself in a bid to deal with that. Also be considerate of people around you who do not know what direction to look in while all that action is ongoing, as some times if someone around you is talking too loudly or animatedly, your child may bring out their mouth from your covered nipple to see what is happening or simply to take a break, exposing your nipple in that process. Breastfeed with finesse is my motto!

Now just as a bonus when you are breastfeeding a baby with other kids in the house, please note that your older kids want to know what is taking place. My 4 year old daughter then asked me while I was breastfeeding the twins when she could get her own breasts too, so she could be a mummy. Kids! Also if you have much older male kids in the house, please try to feed discreetly all the more. The aim is not to open a can of worms you do not want to deal with.

Whenever you are ready to stop breastfeeding, your child is going to resist it totally. Who no like better thing? By then you must have introduced cereals and other food types to get them distracted from nursing (remember they also nurse for comfort, closeness and the eye to eye contact they get from you). Getting a trusted relative to stay with your child overnight may help too or you may have your child stay over at the grandparents or your sister’s place. Your breast will get engorged once again but as long as you do not express it, the flow will dry up and you should be fine in 3 days max. Over the counter pain medication can help you get relief from the pain and slight fever you may experience as you wean your child off breast milk. The pediatrician still recommends that babies still need a certain quantity of milk daily, so make sure that they are still getting that from milk designed for toddlers.

Once your child is weaned off you (but obviously not off your love), feel free to go back to your wardrobe or boxes and hit the town with all your fitted dresses and jumpsuits; and/or be ready to repeat the whole cycle yet again, because guess what sexy mama? Baby number 2 is now on the way. LOL! So much for getting back to your groove.

I have tried to express almost all the points that come to mind. Dear reader if you think I skipped any, please feel free to add them in the comment section below.

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