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Hello Mommas!!! Don’t let the back pains, aches and ever raging hormones get you down, today is a good day to smile. Whether your pregnancy period is over or you are over it and want your Baby out this instant, enjoy this period, there is no duplicating it.

Ever heard the term “wear your baby”? It’s not what you are thinking it simply is to carry your baby on your body with the aid of some sort of carrier or sling which leaves your hands free. It helps when your hands start getting tired and when your baby comes it will or you need to do something asides carrying your bundle of joy which you always have to do from time to time anyway. Here are some of the benefits baby wearing:

  1.    It’s easier for babies to be more socially engaged both with you and the world around them.        They’ll hear you talking with others and even hear you talking to yourself at times that will help with their language skills. The changes of scenery and movement when you are mobile can be thrilling for your baby as well.
  2.     A baby runs the risk of developing Flat Head Syndrome when s/he stays on their back too much, they run the risk of developing a flat head. Flat Head Syndrome/Plagiocephaly is preventable if you hold or wear your baby instead of letting them stay on their backs all the time.
  3.    Wearing your baby can help reduce stress, as they are wont to cry less and of course when your baby comes you will appreciate it more if your baby cried less.
  4.    After your baby is born, it still thrives on close contact with you just as it experienced in your when it was nestled in your womb, a baby carrier imitates this feeling as they can still hear your heartbeat.
  5.    Some baby carriers afford you the opportunity of your boobs being right in front of your baby and that means when it’s time to feed, your little one is positioned in the right place. It also gives you and your baby the much needed privacy you need.
  6.    Babywearing can also help you calm colic. Colic is when your baby starts crying and nothing you do seems to make it stop. This is a very intense moment as some Moms, spent and exhausted, start crying themselves as they are at their wits end.
  7.     Your baby loves your touch and loves to be around you. Being around you can certainly help them sleep better so wearing your baby will help your baby sleep more peacefully.
  8.      As a Mom, you have to be a “multi-tasker” and always carrying your baby in your arms doesn’t help you achieve the art of multi-tasking. Therefore, wearing your baby will afford you freedom to do all you need to do, plus it is convenient for you and your baby.
  9.      Babywearing can help with postnatal depression because while a Mom battles with depression, the baby still maintains contact with the baby even if the Mom cannot smile or be warm towards her child. Also, mothers battling with postnatal depression can easily take a walk with their baby on them without having to deal with how cumbersome a stroller can be.
  10.      Apart from the fact that babywearing fosters closeness, baby-wearing avails you of the opportunity to be very mobile., You can go anywhere, anytime knowing that your little one is comfortable and securely attached to you.

We hope when your baby comes you will consider baby-wearing. Here is our product of the month in the Baby-wearing category is the Flip Advance 4 in 1 Baby Infantino. Visit to get you and your baby one.

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