Covid-19 Travel Safety Tips And Resources For Families

Its possible we may have never thought about our ability to move from one location to another, either for necessity or recreation, as an essential until the onset of Covid-19 that placed a need to restrict movement and contact with persons as a way to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Traveling during this period means you are either as the risk of spreading or contacting the virus. However, here are tips on how you can travel safely with your family;

1. Conduct Your Travel Background Checks

Before you travel, check if COVID-19 is spreading in your local area and in any of the places you are going. Do not travel if you or your family are sick, have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been around someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days. Family members who are at higher risk for severe illness (older family members, those with underlying medical conditions) should consider postponing all travel, including essential travel to high-risk destinations. Also consider postponing any visits to family or friends who are more likely to get very ill from COVID-19.

Also, check for any travel restrictions, stay-at-home orders, quarantining and testing requirements in the area you are planning to visit,in case any of your family members get infected, you will be well prepared as regards the next line of actions to take.

2. Choose The Safest Mode Of Transportation

Try to avoid mode of transportation where physical distancing may be difficult for prolonged periods. If using public transport, follow key precautions – physical distancing, limit touching frequently touched surfaces and wash or sanitize your hands frequently. Keep a row of seats between yourself and other travellers if possible. If travelling in a private vehicle, try to keep stops to a minimum by bringing sufficient food and drinks, and filling your vehicle with petrol in advance.

3. Ensure You Take All Necessary Seasonal Vaccines and Medications

If any of your family members is taking any medication for family planning or management of any terminal disease,its important to purchase medicine that can last the entire trip prior to travelling.

4. Follow all Covid-19 Precautions

Avoid visiting crowded spaces, poorly ventilated enclosed spaces, as well as any social or mass gatherings such as concerts, events and parties.Plan to bring your own food and drinks if you can. Plan to avoid travelling at peak times and take routes that are less congested wherever possible.

5. Follow All The After Traveling Recommendations By Government

This include practicing self-isolation, watching for any symptoms of COVID-19 and seeking medical advice if they develop.

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