Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Are you looking for some fun ways to break the baby news to your family and friends? We know that Sending out pregnancy announcement cards is not our thing in this part of the world but there are plenty of other creative options we can try out. Here are different fun ways you can announce your pregnancy.

Pregnancy announcements for your partner

These hilarious ideas get their inspiration from clever knick-knacks you can buy anywhere. To make it more special, you can simply look for a DIY tutorial that would pass across the message.

Pregnancy announcement ideas for parents

You know how excited your parents will be when they hear that you are pregnant. So why don’t you get creative in breaking the news. You can simply send them a t-shirt asking if they are ready to be promoted to grandparents.

Pregnancy announcements for second child

We observed that in this part of the world, parents don’t use their children to announce their pregnancy. It is funny because there is absolutely no reason why you should leave them out of the big news. Remember that a big sibling offers a whole new world of creative possibility.

Pregnancy announcements for twins

There is one thing that is more exciting than “We’re pregnant!” It is “We’re pregnant with twins!” Here is how to have double the fun with your pregnancy announcements.


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