Baby Gears Your Newborn Might Need

Getting the necessary gears for your baby after delivery is not an easy task. A lot of times, it includes parents having to spend a lot, and also getting information on items that are a must-have in readiness for the baby. After purchasing these gears, you should get familiar with the instructions on the labels and try to assemble them, if you can, this would help you get ready for the time when you would need to use them.

So are you ready for a buying spree? or are you working on a budget? This article is here to guide you on the essential baby gears for your newborn.


Strollers and Travel Systems

Strollers are small pushchairs that babies can be moved around in while travel systems combine the features of stand-alone strollers and an infant car seats that you can either place inside the car or roll around with your baby in. 

A safe and easy-to-use stroller is a good essential for a newborn which is the function of the Urbini 3 in 1 Stroller. It is the ultimate stroller when you need an infant car seat, stroller, bassinet, and a reversible seat that faces both ends. 

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Baby Swings, Jumpers and Bouncers

Gears like the baby swing, walkers and baby bouncers help to keep your baby busy while you’re doing something else. They simulate motion in a way that resembles a mother’s rocking motion. Newer models of these baby gears offer improved features like multiple positions, volume control and even motor-skill building. 

The perfect swing for your newborn baby is The 4Moms MamaRoo 4.0 Multi Plush which is an adorable bouncer that imitates a mother’s movements. It supplies babies with extra support and comfort and adapts perfectly to their needs as a mother would. 

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Baby Cribs

Baby cribs help to enhance the healthy growth of an infant by providing a nice environment for quality sleep. Chances of babies getting injuries while asleep is greatly reduced when they are placed in cribs as opposed to when they sleep alongside their mothers.

The Relax Baby Wooden Crib is a beautiful addition to your baby gear list. It comes with a design that adapts to every stage your infant is in. The baby crib has a sturdy finishing and is designed in a modern and timeless fashion. This is a perfect choice for your baby nursery.


Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are supporting devices worn by parents or adults to hold an infant close to them. They help to promote the babywearing function which helps you grow a closer bond with your child from their early years. 

The Infantino Baby Carrier is an ideal carrier for your baby right through his infant years as it provides a comfortable hold. It is flexible enough to adjust to multiple carrying positions and has a wider frame for when your infant grows older.

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Playards help you create spaces for your baby while at home and also when travelling. They allow your little darling to play or sleep in them while you have the time to do other jobs.

The Graco Pack n’ Play Playard does a great job at this. It provides an airy mesh for adequate ventilation and comes with a convenient carrying bag for easy travel and proper storage. 


Infant to Toddler Rockers

These rockers are great for feeding time. Most rockers come with stimulating toys alongside so your baby can enjoy while being fed. These toys can also be removed when it is time for your baby to sleep. You also have the option of switching on calming vibrations for a peaceful nap.

The Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker keeps your baby cosy and secure. It can be adjusted in the later stages of your infant’s growth from an infant rocker to a toddler rocker. It is an essential gear to purchase for your newborn.


Standing Bath

You might wonder “Why a standing bath? What is the difference between this and the usual bath?” One great importance of the standing baths available today is their flexibility. These tubs can be placed anywhere once there is space enough to contain it. It prevents mothers from getting backaches as a result of bending to bathe their babies. 

The Cam Baby Standing Bath comes with a changing mat, reclined seat for infants lesser than 6 months and armrests for infants between 6-12 months. Other items include storage compartments for soap and sponge and a plug with drainage pipe. It is ideal for small bathrooms and has an easy compact folding.

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There you have it! This list should guide your buying decisions and assist in making sure you get the right gears for your little one.


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