How Employers Can Support Working Parent During Covid-19

Two things change the world; ideas and people’.

I learnt this quote some years ago from the student organisation i joined as an undergraduate. Beyond various profitable ideas an employer may have, unprecedented time like this calls for more emphatic approach in dealing with working parents. Parenting requires hard work but what makes it harder is parenting during a global pandemic; working parents at this time are juggling childcare with various responsibilities at work. As the working parent staff is figuring out the new realities, companies / organisations (employers) need to develop various ways to support their employees especially the ones who are parent in order to maintain their trust, encourage commitment to work and keep them motivated. Here are some ways employers can support the working parent in their staff force;

1. Infuse Flexibility Into The Organisation Work Plan / Policies / Guides

Give your employees the flexibility to complete their tasks while taking into consideration their childcare duties at home. The HR or any one charged with managing the employees can help work closely with working parents on simplifying their KPI’s to accommodate their roles at home.

2. Support The Transition Of Remote Working

A lot of companies / organisations in Nigeria before the pandemic do not have a structure for remote working. It important for companies / organisations to create the infrastructure for remote working by drawing up the processes for it to work and providing stipend to help support their employee’s transition to remote work. In the case of working parents, ensure they are able to get not only equipment they need to build out home offices, but also streaming services, books, toys, or other supplies to keep their children occupied and entertained. Click here if you want to give gift vouchers to working parents in your organisation to shop resources that can keep their children engaged.

3. Provide Access To Educational Resources

Now more than ever, working parents need access to courses on how to manage stress and anxiety, how to build resilience and how to balance work and home life. This will assist staff in this category to be equipped on how to tackle this phase of life.

4. Access To Healthcare

Access to all healthcare, including mental health, is critical right now. One of the ways an employer can help their employees manage any family emergencies at this time is to subscribe to an health insurance plan for their employees. If you have pregnant staff member, you may be want to subscribe to this health maternity plan to show your support.

5. Create a Discussion Series For Working Parent

Showing care and concern is one of the best ways to keep employees engaged. Launching a discussion series on various challenges faced by working parents can stir up intimate and candid conversations that provides the employees with an opportunity to engage with others who are experiencing the same challenges. This forum gives parents a place to share ideas and can serve as a needed sanity check

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