How to have a Conversation With Your Nanny About Coronavirus

It’s now evident that social distancing is the new norm. At least for now. We’re establishing new routines with regards to working from home, homeschooling and socialization. Most parents are having to deal with tough decisions as it becomes evident that homeschooling is not easy, working on your bed with yoga pants on is not as romantic as it has been made to sound and stay at home mums do more than staying at home. But seriously, have you had a conversation with your nanny about Coronavirus?


Is Your Nanny A Live In Nanny Or A Live Out Nanny?

Your answer to this will set the pace with which your conversation with your nanny will follow. If you have a live-in nanny, reinforce the importance of hygiene at home. Washing of hands and disinfecting common surfaces at home like tables, kitchen countertops, and doorknobs is a must.


If your nanny is a live-out nanny, then the conversation goes a bit deeper as you have to take into consideration her daily commute and her daily life as this determines how exposed you are to the virus.


At this point, anyone that comes into your house potentially puts your family at risk. It’s important to sit down and have a conversation about Coronavirus, how it’s transmitted, set clear expectations while establishing new routines.


Request your nanny to remove their shoes and wash their hands upon entering your house. All nannies should wash their hands before preparing foods, after changing the baby, after sneezing or coughing and after using the washroom.


Moreover, advise them to avoid crowded places and follow the guidelines by NCDC for social distancing. If you can, restrict all grocery shopping to online shopping to reduce the risk of exposure to Coronavirus.


Here Are Some Places For Anyone Looking To Shop Online


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2. Jumia Food

Order food from popular vendors in select cities; Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos and Port Harcourt and have it delivered at your doorstep.


You can also pursue other options such as PricePallyHubmart and for Abuja residents


What If Your Live-Out Nanny Decides To Stop Working To Reduce Your Household’s Exposure To Coronavirus?

This is a viable option considering the times we’re in.

One mum from our community says she gave her nanny two options: either become a live-in nanny or go on paid leave for 14 days and unpaid leave after that – until Coronavirus is totally controlled.

In these circumstances, it’s tough to tell what’s ethical or not. Not all parents can afford to give paid time off, and not all nannies can afford to become live-in nannies because some have families and responsibilities too.

However, it’s important for you and your nanny to discuss and come up with a viable solution that serves your health and wellbeing and the nanny’s as well. If you can’t afford to give them paid leave, consider giving them a partial salary during their leave.


How have you and your nanny embraced the new situation?

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