How To help Those Affected By The Coronavirus

There’s been an increased sense of loss due to the Coronavirus pandemic. A loss of employment, people, dreams and plans due to economic uncertainty as people have been forced into self-isolation in their homes.

As we unite against Coronavirus, what can you do to help the individuals and communities affected by the pandemic? Check out this list of organizations offering relief and support services for medical needs and food aids.

The Lagos Food Bank Initiative

The Lagos Food Bank Initiative launched a Covid-19 Emergency Food Intervention Plan (CEFIP) to assist in reducing the economic impacts of Covid-19 on vulnerable families in Lagos, Nigeria by providing the needed food relief to them. Since the inception of the COVID-19 Emergency Food Intervention Plan (CEFIP), the Food Bank has reached 89,625 vulnerable families with needed food relief in 16 LGAs in Lagos, Nigeria. Click here to donate or access relief


CACOVID (The Coalition against COVID-19)                                                             

The Coalition Against COVID-19 (CACOVID) is a Private Sector task force in partnership with the Federal Government, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) with the sole aim of combating Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Nigeria. This task force is tasked with pulling resources across industries to provide technical and operational support while providing funding and building advocacy through aggressive awareness drives. In addition to the efforts of the Federal government, the Coalition has provided and equipped medical facilities in the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria.The total contribution to the CACOVID fund stood at N19.4 billion as at April 3, 2020.


The Global Foodbanking Network

The Global  Foodbanking Network has provided financial and technical support for COVID-19 relief to over 43 countries. Click here to learn more about the Global Foodbanking Network’s response to COVID-19.


The World Bank COVID-19 Response Nigeria   

The World Bank Board of Directors approved a $114.28 financing to help Nigeria prevent, detect and respond to the threat posed by COVID-19 with a specific focus on state level responses. This includes $100 million credit from the International Development Association (IDA)* and $14.28 million grant from the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility.Through the COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Project (CoPREP), the Government of Nigeria will provide grants to thirty-six states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) as immediate support to break the chain of COVID-19 local transmission and limit the spread of coronavirus through containment and mitigation strategies. Grants to states will be conditional on states adopting COVID-19 response strategies which are in line with the Federal Government guidelines and strategies.


The Fistula Foundation   

The foundation through an initiative called the Covid 19 emergency response fund, partnered with Hospitals and Doctors on the front line of combating the virus in Africa and Asia. click here to know more.


The COVID 19 Crisis is bigger than any one of us and requires us to unite in our efforts to help those in need and anyone who has been affected whether directly or indirectly. As you learn about how people are being affected and what their needs are, share this information by being a voice for how people can support each other in this time of social distancing while staying safe.


If you or a person/company you know is involved in Charity work aimed at COVID relief, let us know and we’ll update this list.

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