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By Ohderah

Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children and no theories” John Wilmot (1647-1680)

Hello Everyone. This is my first attempt to formally write a blog, so please…be gentle,  LOL! I have some declarations to make before we commence this journey. I do not know everything about motherhood, marriage, childhood education, the working amazon, politics, or where to get the best deals in Oyingbo market or Mile 12, the best O & G doctor in town, the best pediatrician to trust your child with, who is holding the nuclear codes for Trump or handling his Twitter account or such other details of mammoth significance. However, I have learnt some things in this my short journey on this planet Earth, and it would be a privilege to share them with you. We must not agree on everything (after all even the best jollof rice battle is still raging between some certain West African countries), but we can at least listen to each other respectfully with an open mind and then come to our conclusions.

So let me give you a mini background of me and my baby/motherhood journey. I have been married to Mr E. for 13 years and together we are blessed with half a dozen children (please keep breathing, lol). Yes, for those of you trying to convert half a dozen into numbers you are right, that is only 6! On this page I am sure you will hear about them in one way or the other but do not worry, I will not bore you with their every move, as I have come to realize that I am the only one tickled by their antics and that is because I have the privilege of being their parent. So even though I find most of their tricks/conversation hilarious, you are not under pressure to do same, however make sure you are enjoying your own kids and their antics to the max. After all as we say in our local parlance, “monkey no fine, but im mama like am like that”.

So back to the quote I started with earlier. Why do we really have kids? Or should we stop altogether as the world may just be overpopulated as they claim? Is it just to have mini versions of us running around in diapers and terrorizing us with their tantrums? I am sure every couple have their reasons for having kids, but one thing I have learnt is that parenting is not just a personal, family or societal responsibility, but bringing new life into this wonderful world of ours is a spiritual duty. I believe that we will get rated by the Almighty how well we raise the kids he entrusts to us, and when we raise well balanced kids, we reduce half of the problems of society. Think of all the psychos you know or have read of (Hitler, Idi Amin), and what might have happened if they had been raised differently? Who even knows, they just might have had great parents but still turned out bad.

However all I am canvassing for is that we raise children that are ready to make a positive difference in the society, and check all we do by this standard. We are only custodians of these treasures sent from heaven on an assignment. We must not let them derail, neither should we derail them by our actions or inaction. It is not an easy journey I must confess but let me say, that no matter where you are on this journey, 1st time or 4th time parent, beginner or expert parent, old school or modern school parent, digital or analog parent, let us roll up our sleeves (or iros), pray to God for grace and strength, and get cracking.

So my tip for today is this, we cannot do this work of parenting without God. We need his guidance and help. Every child is different and so if you raise your 3rd child like you raised your 1st, you might have some major issues on your hands. We might as well ask the real “Owner” of the pikin to help us and he is more than willing to. He knows each child, their temperament, their SWOT Analysis more than us. We think we want the best for them but not more than He does. We want what we think is best for them, He does what he knows is best for them. Let us let Him lead us. Way Maker no be for mouth o!

Happy Parenting.

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