Motherhood in the COVID-19 Era

Hello dear Mothers. We are all living in times that are different and uncertain, basically uncharted waters for our generation. The Corona Virus (COVID-19) is going about on a rampage and we are all battling to stay alive and keep safe. What can we do as Mothers to protect our kids in these times? Please permit me to share some tips:

  • For those of you in Lagos, all schools (public and private) have been shut down by the State Governments and rightly so. However, you need to help your kids keep in touch with their academic work. Some schools are engaging in online learning activities for this season, help your kids follow through. Don’t let their brains go to sleep, as we do not know how long this will last for, but we hope soon rather than later.
  • Your kids are home 24 hours, it is not the time to take them to the cinemas or entertainment centres, or to crowded places. This is not summer holiday. We are trying to achieve a lockdown, not an “open up”. This will call for increased creativity in parents to keep our kids engaged, especially the younger ones. If you have a kid with an underlying health condition, please, please, please keep that child isolated as much as possible, until this pandemic wave goes over.

  • We are living at close quarters now 24/7. The only way I will say this is as a parent is, hold your whistle nearby. You will settle more squabbling inevitably than the International Court of Justice. I am learning to ignore some quarrels. Let them settle it themselves, but step in when you deem fit.
  • If you have more of Teens, please know where they are. Call them and explain the situation to them. Teens like to be spoken to like adults, so if that is what it would take to get their attention and participation, so be it. This is not the time for them to just go M.I.A. (Missing in Action). No “hanging out” this period.
  • Please play dates with other kids right now is not the best move one can make this period. You have no idea who has gone where, or returned from where this season. Your family might be at risk or making other families to be at risk now. Be mindful of families that have aged parents living with them, as we usually have in African countries.

  • The quantity of food your kids are going to go through this period will be unparalleled. I hope you are prepared for it. Also let your kids know that they cannot finish everything in one day. Have the following stocked up at home: food, water and medication.
  • Sanitizers are now liquid gold. To see it is one thing, to buy it at the price now is so hard. If you have run out, there are many videos online that teach how to make your own sanitizers at home such as this, or your own sanitizing wipes. You can check some videos on making yours here. Hand washing is still very important and preferred to the use of sanitizers. Keep the kids washing their hands. No one ever died from good hygiene practice.
  • For us parents who have to leave the home for work, or to get supplies or for any other important reason, please before you get back home, use a sanitizer, wash your hands when you get home, before you start touching your loved ones, and help curb the spread.
  • Do yourself a favour and don’t stay glued to the news channels 24/7 on this pandemic. The eruption of fear will be inevitable and paranoia will set in. Stay informed but stay clear of the fake news channels, by verifying information.

  • My last candid advice would be that we need Divine intervention to help us combat this COVID-19. How can you fight what you cannot see? We all need to draw on our inner strength and pray for God to see us through this pandemic. Pray over your children as a mother/parent. God hears the prayers of mothers for their kids. God hears the prayers of women for a nation. He will answer and show us mercy.

Stay strong, stay full of faith. By God’s grace and mercies, good hygiene practices and obedience to State safety laws, we will beat this COVID-19.


P.S: I still give a huge shout out to all Mothers out there. Today is Mother’s Day and even though this pandemic is trying to steal the shine of our day, we refuse to forget how special we are.

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