New Year Goals – 2021

Happy New Year dear readers. May 2021 usher in amazing things for you all and your loved ones. The challenges of 2020 were unique and really something else, but if we could survive that year by God’s grace, we can also survive and thrive in 2021. No fear. No shaking!

Now to today’s topic: New Year Goals. I know some folks who are all about S.M.A.R.T goal settings and others who are not about setting goals yearly, but would rather work at becoming better people daily. To each man, his own. Keep doing you. As for my humble self, I am just going to set one goal for myself as a mother this 2021 and into my future. I do not have any plan of climbing Mount Everest or becoming the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or even to have my kids speak 3 languages. No, no no! My goal is very simple. Almost elementary, but nevertheless, my goal.

This 2021 and in the future, my goal is not to misplace anything at home. Yes! You heard me right. Laugh all you want, but only the person wearing the shoes knows where it pinches LOL. So let me give you a background. I lost a wristwatch set I had with my best friend. I lost the wedding rings I got married with blessed by the clergy, to name a few. I then discovered that one of my kids who was under 2 at the time, was taking items off the dresser and throwing them into the dustbin right next to my dresser. And trust kids, they always start with the shiny stuff first. And I had the older sibling do the gathering of the trash at the time, so she was too young to identify valuables in the bin.

I escaped that genuine error with much remorse and started taking my trash out personally from my room, only to discover that other babies still had a knack of throwing things in the bin, but at least now they were intercepted by adults. Once, they took cash in an envelope and threw it in the bin, but that was intercepted by my nanny. So finally, I resorted to hiding stuff I did not want the kids to lay their hands on, and that is where water don pass garri, as we say.

Hiding the item is not the problem, it is to remember where I kept it, LOL. This one is not a case of mummy brain o, and I cannot even blame it on pregnancy sef. Let me share with you the one that broke the camel’s back. A photographer who did a lot of work for me gave me the work on a flash drive to look over and edit, but because the flash drive was small in size and I did not want it to get missing in the midst of my doing 100 things at the same time before the year ended, I was like, “Odera keep this flash drive safe, so the kids will not misplace it”. Good point abi?

However this multi-tasking brain of mine has refused to remember where I kept it. I searched and searched but could not retrace my steps to find it. I simply paid the guy the cost of the flash drive. But see the main thing that this brought out. In my failure to find the flash drive, I did find something else. I found my Permanent Voters Identity Card that I went to INEC office in my local government for 2 days in 2019 and they kept telling me it was not there. I assumed it was lost in the process or ‘Nigerian Factor” had entered. I did not remember I had collected it. That was how I disenfranchised myself with my own hands (INEC forgive me please for all the wahala of double checking).


So this 2021, I have decided to take my destiny into my hands. I have commandeered a trunk in my house and made it my own personal storage facility for items I do not want the kids to tamper, destroy or play with. Anything and everything will be stored safely in this box, so that with confidence I can walk up to my personal vault and retrieve any item without disturbing my brain to remember where I may have possibly kept or hidden it.

My fellow moms, this is my goal. Your goal does not have to be epic or legendary, it does not have to be accolade dripping; it can be, but it must not. Nevertheless, let your goal or goals for this year be something that will make life less stressful for you, less antagonistic, more productive, more fulfilling, and more enriching. We all deserve that, don’t we?


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  1. Kofoworola Belo-OsagieReplyJanuary 2, 2021 at 12:36 am 

    Nice. Thanks for sharing. It’s good to learn I can have simple goals and still be fulfilled. Well done.

    • Odera OkonkwoReplyMarch 7, 2021 at 8:55 pm 

      thanks Kofo. appreciate your comment.

  2. Nancy mandu EssienReplyJanuary 29, 2021 at 3:17 pm 

    Very interesting but funny though.

    • Odera OkonkwoReplyMarch 7, 2021 at 8:55 pm 

      Thank you for reading. appreciate.

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