Newborn Checklist: 15 Things You Truly Need

Babies take up a lot of space. They take up spaces in your heart and home at the same time. I am sure you thought your wedding gifts took up a lot of space, just wait until your baby shower! Your friends and family will spoil you and your baby! While you are still enjoying the ‘spoiling’ tale, have you thought about what you will actually need as your due day approaches?

It would be really nice to have a new born checklist of what you really need. So today, we would be telling you 15 things you truly need. This post should serve as a guide on what to buy for your bundle of joy. Remember, they are items you should have in mind when creating a baby registry.


1. An Infant Car Seat (Evenflo/Graco)



Having a car seat is very important when you are thinking about the safety of your baby. We suggest you go for either Graco Snugride 35 or Evenflo Geo-Rear-Facing Infant car seat. You have to keep in mind how the seats fit in your car.

2. Baby Monitor

Newborn babies are cuddly wonderful miracles. While they will probably spend most of their beginning days in your arms, it is important to have a monitor for the moments they are not! It is really nice to be able to keep an eye on them while they are sleeping, especially if they have a separate room.

3. Diapers And A Diaper Pail

You probably already know diapers should be a big ticket item on your newborn essentials checklist. Inevitably, babies poo and they poop a lot! You don’t want to be running out to make diaper runs. So be fully stocked up before their arrival in different sizes! You never really know how tiny or big your newborn will be, and therefore can’t predict his/her diaper size. Don’t forget to add on a diaper pail as well. They help with the foul smell of your baby’s poop!

4. Unscented Baby Wipes

Baby wipes should not only be a newborn essential but should also become a household essential for the future. They won’t only be wiping your baby’s bum, but they will be cleaning up all kinds of messes made by your baby. For your newborn, you will want a gentle and unscented wipe.

5.Bottles And Nipples

Your baby has to eat! Whether you plan on nursing or not, you must have a few bottles and nipples on hand just in case. You will also want all the supplies needed to properly clean them.


Parenting will teach you that keeping things “closer to nature” just tends to work out best. While the name is what first caught our attention, it’s the award-winning just like mom nipple and anti-colic (feeding essential) valve that helped put this bottle on our list.

6. Nursing Essentials For The Newborn Stage

If you are planning on nursing, there are a couple of items you should have on your newborn essential checklist. You will need a pump, milk storage bags, and nipple cream. If you are planning on bottle feeding, you can completely disregard these essentials!

7. Baby Nail Clippers And No Scratch Mittens

Your baby’s teeny tiny fingernails seem to grow at an incredible speed thereby making nail clippers and mittens a priority for your checklist. You have to watch them very carefully and diligently trim them because babies will give themselves some gnarly scratches if you don’t. You need no scratch mittens for the same reason.

8. Thermometer

This is one item you don’t have to break out of the box for a while. However, it is necessary to have a thermometer around because fever in a baby needs to be taken very seriously.

9. A Baby Bath

The type of bath you use will determine if your baby will love or hate bath time. Irrespective of this, having a baby bath will make it easier to get the job done. It can be especially hard to prop up slippery tiny newborns in order to get them all clean, but a baby bathtub will help with this.

10. 4-10 Onesies In Multiple Sizes

The most important baby clothes are simple onesies. They’re comfortable and easy to get on and off. Stock up on your favorites, trust us you won’t regret it!

11. Burp Clothes

You can hardly get through a day without getting any baby puke on you. If you do, then that would be a very big accomplishment. Having good burp clothes will help you achieve this!

12. Baby Swing

As a mother you need a safe spot to set your new born down. Having a baby swing is very essential for this purpose. You can either go with a bouncer which will sit low on the floor and be lightweight or a swing which will take up a more permanent place.

13. A Place To Sleep

I am sure you were expecting me to say crib. Well, I think it is more complicated than that! Whether you want your newborn in your bed, in a crib next to you, or in their own nursery is your choice. However, you do need to make sure that you create a safe spot for them.

14. Skin Care Products

Your baby’s skin is soft and tender and you want to use gentle products for them. There are some skin care products that are specially formulated for babies like Sebamed, Johnson, Chicco and Little Angels. You can be rest assured that when you use any of these products, your baby’s skin will be glowing all day long!

15. Diaper Cream

One peculiar thing with babies is rashes. But who said your baby must have rashes? Diaper cream helps prevent rashes from occurring in their private parts. Simply apply the cream before wearing diapers for your baby.

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