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Happy Easter dear Readers! I hope that you had a restful and peaceful holiday with your family and loved ones. For some of us mothers, we look forward to holidays but when they come and are filled with so many diverse activities especially the cooking fiestas we have to create, we pray silently for the holiday season to end so we can go back to the normal grind of things.

I want to look at two aspects of this Easter celebration as it affects us as parents. Love and Sacrifice. As parents we want the best for our kids, we would give up our lives for them in a flash, we would scale Mount Everest if it meant our kids would be okay, we would turn into “Tiger Moms” if anyone with ulterior motives ever came near our kids (cubs) or harmed them. The reason for this is love, we never thought it possible to love human beings the way we do our kids. I dare to say that some couples may not even love each other as much as they love their kids. Our kids are the objects of our affections, the centre of our universe, and sometimes our love goes to the point we go to check their chest/tummies when they are sleeping to make sure they are still breathing when they are very young (I hope I am not the only one guilty of this?).

It is not hard to sacrifice anything for someone you truly love. In times past, we would read or hear of stories of how women sold their wrappers or jewelry or other items to send their kids to school. I remember my dad sending my mum and his junior sister to the University while he went to a Technical college, because my grandfather did not support the marriage and my mum was one for education. Then we kids came in, and my dad could no longer think of himself but about giving his own kids the best in education. We might not have vacationed in Hawaii while growing up or wore designer clothing, but my father gave us his best and his all.

So we then try to imagine the love God the Father must have had for humanity that would make him sacrifice what was so precious to him, Jesus. Even if he had 10 sons and Jesus was probably the naughtiest, it would not have made the decision any easier, as any good parent will bear witness to. This sacrifice and love is one to be respected on a totally different level, and not one that can be easily emulated. Today, my heart goes out to any parent that has ever lost a pregnancy, or a child at infancy or a grown child. I do not presume to know how you must have felt, or how you are even still feeling, but all I can say is that I am so sorry for your loss. Any loss is painful and cannot be trivialized at all by any one. My belief is that one day we will be reunited with our loved ones and that can be a comfort, no matter how mild.

Till then we keep loving our kids, we keep giving up whatever we need to give up for their safety, well-being and education. Notice that I did not include their comfort or luxury items in that list because our kids want them but do not need them. Let us not only love our kids, but let our kids know we love them. Tell them as often as possible, show them as often as possible by hugs, kisses, playing games, just hanging out together and doing stuff. It is not until we take our kids to the top of the Empire State building or the Burj Khalifa that they will know we love them, a trip to Olumo Rock or Balogun Market will also suffice, lol.

If you are a beneficiary of your parents love and sacrifice, remember to appreciate them especially now they are alive. Nobody hears “Thank you” from the grave and then answers “You are welcome”. It may have been someone other than your parents, but sacrifice and love have no boundaries, do reach out and say, “It was not in vain. I noticed and I am here to appreciate”.


P.S: In trying to search for an Easter image, you see the first 200+ pictures about Easter eggs and the bunny and bunny ears, but before all this confusion, there has and always will still be the Cross. Just my 2 cents!


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