Pregnancy with Benefits

Pregnancy with Benefits

One can always look at a cup half empty or as half full, depending on if one has a pessimistic or optimistic approach to life.

Being pregnant for 40 weeks is no easy feat. I know we are all used to mothers in home videos saying “I carried you for 9 months …” but medically pregnancy is counted based on 40 weeks though one can give birth before or after the prescribed 40 weeks.

Anyway I want to briefly highlight my favourite benefits of being pregnant but in no particular order:


  1. Freedom to eat: In this age of calorie counting and miracle diets claiming the ability to do all sorts, we women are a bit finicky about what we eat unless when we have a bun in the oven. Even if you pile your plate at any party like the leaning Tower of Pisa, no one judges you because after all, you are eating for two!


     2. Freedom to doze off: I have always had a thing against sleeping in public places. I just could not do it. Maybe too many mental images of people snoring in public with spittle dribbling down the sides did me in. But pregnancy breaks that mental chain off for me. As long as I have a chair and I can contort my body into a somewhat comfortable position, it is “good night, see you tomorrow“.


  1. Cutting queues: Before I delve into this point I must admit that it does not work all the time. You may get it from airlines to board flights (after the First/Business Class are in of course), but sometimes no need rushing. However I noticed that in some bank queues most people who are raised right will say “Iya Beji oya come“. The others on the line won’t protest if you are called first for service. This principle also largely works when you have a newborn baby and especially when the baby is crying. However, in my years of motherhood service I have seen some hard-hearted people who have refused to honor this unspoken principle and insisted on being served first. Also, don’t ask me why they were all women.


  1. At your service: Another great thing is that people will offer to do stuff for you. They will offer to carry your bags, help you with a deadline, help you get lunch, bring food over, make excuses for you… You get the point. I know people say the human nature is broken but in the second and last trimester, I have generally observed people become more compassionate and wondering if you are getting enough rest especially when you are an activity driven person. Best of all you don’t feel guilty when they offer the help.


  1. New wardrobe/change of wardrobe: I can hear the female shrieking with glee! Who does not like a wardrobe change Ladies? I must admit that we all prefer when the wardrobe change is for smaller clothes sizes and not for larger. However we take it in our stride, we pack up all our fancy jumpsuits and pant suits and those fitted dresses, with a word of promise like Arnold Schwazzeneger “I’ll be back!”  We begin to don our extensive robes and dresses that could make outfits for 5 little kids but at least we carry it off with style and pizazz until we hit the last weeks where we are content to just roll or waddle around, praying for that D-day to come.


  1. Weight gain: No vex o my sister, I know that this applies to only a few women who view it as a benefit. For instance I weighed 50kg in university and even after 4 kids weighed 55kg. It is a struggle for me to put on weight and keep it. I lose it faster than you can say Jack Robinson. I have gotten ribbed over my “lepa status” since time immemorial. So imagine my relief when I began to put on some weight and lose my “Deeper life” neck for some “Full Gospel” neckline. Apart from my expanding waist line my body begins to fill up every valley lol! So I know most ladies won’t agree but this is a plus for me especially since I lose it so fast while breastfeeding. Nevertheless before the green monster begins to emerge know that the weight I put on after having the twins who are 9 months now has refused to leave. Issorait, where there is life there is hope. One day one day…!!!


I know some women in pregnancy have a lot of health issues such as bleeding, nausea, varicose veins, constipation, indigestion, gas issues, back aches and so on and so forth, but for one minute let us take our minds off the negatives and see the positives and be thankful. After all, we’ve got a miracle on the way.


What is your own favourite benefit of being pregnant? Would be great to hear from you.



photo credits:; Mrs J Foods

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