Step by step instructions to care for your baby’s first tooth

The health of your baby’s first tooth is critical to his gums and teeth when he grows them in the future. If your baby does not grow up with a healthy set of teeth, he or she will find it difficult to chew food.

Now that your baby’s teeth are here, you should ensure they get the best care with the following tips.


*Understand your baby’s teething process

Baby teeth generally start to grow when they are between 4 to 24 months. The first set of teeth to grow is the 2 lower front teeth. Some babies might experience painful teething and experience sore gums in the process. Others have painless teething. However, you might notice that your baby wants to chew on things more frequently. This is a normal occurrence so you should not be worried.

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*Clean your baby’s gums after every feeding time

Wrap a damp piece of clean cloth around your finger to remove food and plaque in your baby’s mouth after feeding. You can also use baby gum wipes or a baby toothbrush. Wipe his chin whenever you notice drooling and when feeding him, ensure to wear him a bib to keep him dry. 

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*Use recommended teethers

Teething is always tough on a baby, especially when it’s the first set of tooth. Use good teethers and teething rings, and a cold cloth to rub his gums to provide pain relief. If your infant’s teething becomes too painful and he develops a fever, you should see your doctor for an appropriate pain reliever.

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*Make brushing fun

Help to make brushing time fun time for your baby by letting him play with a toy or providing music by yourself or with a sing-along music player. You should begin this early so your baby becomes used to the routine. This way he would take his dental care seriously from an early age.

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