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Here’s How To Take Care Of Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

You should take care of your baby’s skin because it is much thinner than yours. This means it is way more sensitive to weather changes, stress, and threats of any kind. 

Daily, the skin comes into contact with harmful elements and micro-organisms such as bacteria and ultraviolet rays. A baby’s skin is even more vulnerable as the outer layer is not yet fully developed to withstand these elements.

How then can you take care of your baby’s sensitive skin? Here are five helpful tips.


Keep your baby’s skin dry always

One of the most ‘rash prone’ areas of your baby’s skin is their diaper area. You should try to change your baby’s diapers as frequently as possible because of frequent bowel movements. You should also have a diaper bag with all the necessary changing items at your reach as this will be helpful to you. 

Note that when a baby puts on a wet diaper for too long, it could result in rashes on his skin. This also applies to when your baby has a dirty diaper on, or the diaper is too tight for his bottom. 

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Protect your baby from harsh weather

Your baby’s skin is less robust than yours and is therefore vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. The sun in Nigeria doesn’t make outings with your baby easy. However, one way you can protect your baby’s skin is to dress your baby up in layers of clothing. You can then easily remove the outer layers when the weather becomes hotter. This would help to avoid them from getting too sweaty which can result in rashes on their skin.

You can also protect your baby from the hot sun by using a stroller like the Urbini Omni Plus Convertible Travel System that comes with sunshades meant to protect your baby from bold sun rays and harsh winds. 

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Choose gentle and non-irritable fabrics

You should pick fabrics that are soft and gentle when shopping fashion items for your baby. The most popular choice of fabric is the cotton fabric as it is breathable and non-irritable. The cotton plant is grown without including additives like fertilisers and chemicals. This makes it a perfect choice for baby apparel.

You should also take care of your baby’s skin by purchasing wipes and cotton balls that are completely made of cotton. This is because they are highly absorbent.


Use reliable bathing products

There are numerous bathing products for babies available for purchase in the market. However, you shouldn’t try them simply because of the claims on the product packaging. Buy baby products from reliable distributors and ensure that these products are non-irritable on the skin. 

Bathing products recommended for your baby include fragrance-free lotions like the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion Twin Pack. You also need mild soap and shampoo such as Boots Baby Soap specially formulated for baby’s skin which is less robust than an adult’s. 

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Moisturize your baby’s skin

This point can never be overemphasized as your baby’s skin can easily get dried out because of our hot weather in Nigeria. Ensure to use a good moisturizing cream on your baby after every bathing time and whenever you notice his skin is dry. Gently pat your baby skins after bath till its dry to preserve moisture and so the skin doesn’t get itchy. After this, you should then apply moisturizing cream on his skin.


Your baby’s skin is more sensitive and fragile, so you should ensure to take proper care of his/her skin, and with the right products too. Are you unsure what products are recommended for his skin? Speak with our in-house health experts, they’re willing to help you out. 

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