Rainy Season

Things You Must Have This Rainy Season

The rainy season is officially here!!! Just in case you didn’t know. This year we have a feeling that the rain will definitely pour down more often. It also looks like a good time for a few pointers as to showing you things you must have this season to keep your baby away from the cold.
Rainy Season
Below are items are essentials to keep your baby strong and healthy these season.
  1. A Pantyhose/Stockings for when their legs and feet get cold and they have to keep the baby warm. 
  2. A Flask for hot water to mix baby formula when there’s a need to feed the baby. 
  3. Blankets to wrap them up or keep them warm in your arms. 
  4. Sleep suit, a baby sleeps mostly during rainy season, so a Sleep suit is necessary. It covers their feet up to their neck and keeps the cold away. 
  5. Caps and Mittens, it keeps the cold away from the ears and fists.

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