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What Do New Mothers Need? Here’s A Gift Guide

new mother, gift guide, gift idea, babybliss

You probably have a friend who just gave birth and you’re wondering, ‘what can I buy for a new mother?’. You might want to pick practical gifts that would help ease the many burdens on her as a new mother. She has gone through a physically exhausting time while pregnant and also during delivery and now barely gets a few hours of sleep within the first few weeks after she has delivered her baby.

Well, here are a few time-saving and mood-lifting gifts a new mother would appreciate.


*Baby Carrier

A mother wants her baby to be within close distance from her at all times. This includes times when she’s at the kitchen, out-of-doors, or working at home. She would appreciate the gift of a carrier that is comfortable enough for an infant and can be used for at least a year. 

Babywearing has been proven to provide a close relationship between mother and child while she has her hands free to do other things. Its many benefits also include relief of pain on a new mother who is still healing from the delivery process.

Here are some recommended products you might want to consider on your search for a baby carrier:


The Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier is an ideal choice as it has a wide position a mother can switch to while her child grows. It also comes with a bib that protects her clothing and the carrier itself.

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The Fisher-Price Baby Carrier is another recommended option. It has a baby pouch that is easily adjustable so a mother can get her baby in and out without stress. A mother can easily move out and about with her baby in a comfortable manner in the carrier. 



A great gift for a new mother is to introduce self-care time for her, as she has experienced physical and emotional changes. Massage provides immediate relief and helps to improve mental health, even for infants. 

The many benefits of massage include support for healthy breastfeeding, relief of anxiety as a result of lifestyle and hormonal changes, hormone regulation and decreased swelling.

Gift guide for a new mum

*Breast Pumps

Mums can pump and store breast milk so their infants can be fed even when they are not within close distance. Working mothers can also ensure that their babies are fed while they are at work with the use of breast pumps.

Lansinoh Single Electric Breast Pump is a good option as it is comfortable, quick and simple to use. It is lightweight and has different suction levels so mothers can express milk at the speed they want. 

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The greatest advantage of the Philips Avent Twin Electric Breast Pump is that it allows mothers to express milk from both breasts at the same time, providing more time to do other things. It is really affordable for the price and it remembers a mother’s personal rhythm with its unique memory feature.  


*Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillows are designed to support expectant mothers, new mothers and even babies in the right breastfeeding position. They come in various styles and designs and are the perfect gift for a new mother.

Babies can get a good latch while being nursed, with the pillows providing support to mother and child. The pillows also help prevent colic and other digestive problems by propping them up in the right position.

Mothers recovering from a C-section are also advised to use the pillows for support. They do not need to use much strength to hold their babies and their incision sites would heal faster.

The Boppy Feeding and Infant Support Pillow is a must-have staple for new moms. It supports newborns through their first year during feeding time and as a general support system. 

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*Nipple Cream

The nipple cream helps to prevent and soothe the soreness of the nipples, while healing cracked skin fast. Lots of mothers testify that these creams work as moisturizers for the body as well.

The Lansinoh lanolin nipple cream is non-toxic to both mother and child. A mother can rest assured that she can breastfeed without wiping the cream off as it is safe for use.

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*Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a new mum’s best friend. When she is out and about, going for hospital visits and seeing friends, she needs a bag that can carry all the essentials.

Backpack diaper bags are convenient enough for moms who want to be hands-free when on the go. They are definitely great gift ideas for a new mother as they easily carry all necessary items for a baby. You can browse through this collection of diaper bags available, they are very spacious and can contain important baby supplies. These include diapers, baby wipes, feeding bottles and even car keys, mobile phones can be carried about easily.

Buy diaper bags online, What should you buy for a new mother

The moms in your life deserve helpful and practical treats now and then. Give her a few thoughtful gifts that would help make her life as a new mom easier during the early phase. 


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