Where To Shop Online During Covid-19 Pandemic – Nigeria

Shopping online for our daily necessaries has become part of our lives in 21st century. The Covid-19 lock-down and ease of lock-down guidelines have certainly endeared our hearts to finding alternative means of shopping our essentials. For some its is the ease of convenience, for another its safety measure to avoid overcrowded places like markets. In this article, you will find options on where you can shop for your essentials from the comfort of your home.


Pricepally.com is a fair priced wholesale e-commerce store that enables you buy fresh food items in bulk or share bulk items with other shoppers sourced directly from farmers and wholesalers making it cheaper and fresher than buying at retail. You can buy in bulk (pay by myself) or share bulk with others via pally (split bill). Another interesting fact is that you don’t have to wait for a pally to be completed to get your share delivered. They deliver once you pay.

  • Coverage: All locations in Lagos
  • ChannelWebsiteApp
  • Delivery fee: Flexible
  • Delivery time: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
  • Deliverable: Foodstuff
  • Payment on delivery: No
  • Payment method: Card payment



BabyBliss is a one stop shop for mom and baby offering the best and largest collection of baby products for infants to toddlers from trusted local & international brands. You can shop all your baby essentials via the website, instagram @babyblissshop or facebook.

  • Coverage: All locations in Nigeria
  • ChannelWebsite, social media handle
  • Delivery fee: Flexible
  • Delivery time: Everyday of the week except sunday
  • Deliverable: Baby Goods / Kids Goods
  • Payment on delivery: No
  • Payment method: Card payment, bank transfer



Alabara means someone that helps you buy. The business is a local market personal shopper that shops your essentials and get them delivered to your home. Few days to the onset of the Lock down restrictions in March 2020, i used the service of this business to shop for essentials for my family directly from Mile 12.

  • Coverage: Lagos
  • Channelsocial media handle
  • Delivery fee: depends on your location
  • Delivery time: Monday to saturday
  • Deliverable: Foodstuffs
  • Payment on delivery: No
  • Payment method: Bank transfer



Belle.ng stock a very rish inventory of organic food products and processed foods. They have also partnered with some of the biggest brand in restuarant business to serve hot meals to the customers who may need such service. Asides groceries and food, Belle.ng also helps to purchase and deliver cooking gas and fuel. In addition to this, on the website is an option – withdraw cash – where cash can be delivered on request

  • Coverage: Abuja
  • ChannelWebsite
  • Delivery fee: flexible
  • Delivery time: Less than 1hour
  • Deliverable: Foodstuff, household goods, and health essentials
  • Payment on delivery: No
  • Payment method: Bank transfer, card payment and cash



Nigeria’s largest online retailer, Jumia provides a wide range of services like shopping for groceries and essential household items. When a customer place an order on any of the platforms, the customer has option of pick up at the nearby warehouse or opt for doorstep delivery.

For customers without access to the digital platforms, orders can also be placed through JForce agents — Jumia’s sales agent — through a phone call. Payment is either made on delivery or to sales agent who completes the transaction online.

  • Coverage: Nationwide
  • ChannelWebsite and mobile app
  • Delivery fee: Flexible
  • Delivery time: 1-4 days
  • Deliverables: Household goods and health essentials
  • Payment on Delivery: Yes
  • Payment Method: PoS or Jumiapay


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